One Year Anniversary of Alberta Watches

Note: This is a repost of an update to the Alberta Watches Kickstarter campaign originally published on July 12th, 2016. 

Hello Backers!

This is a cool week. It has been one year since Alberta watches was funded on Kickstarter! This anniversary also happens to coincide with the Calgary Stampede which was an unplanned but welcome coincidence. 

A lot has happened in the last year for both the company and me personally, so I thought it was high time to send an update.

Good Press and Reviews

First off, we've had some pretty incredible press since launching. We were briefly mentioned in the New York Times (that one made grandma proud). Also, while being interviewed for CBC's Q, backer Clive Thompson mentioned he was sporting an Alberta Watch. Thanks for the shout out, Clive! We were also finally able to give Calgary's Mayor Naheed Nenshi a watch in person after he so kindly tweeted about it when we launched.

Much more important to me, however, are the many testimonials and experiences that I hear about, both in the comments on Kickstarter, and in my inbox. I am so humbled that for many of you, your Alberta Watch is your daily driver. I've seen pictures of the watches everywhere from Indonesia to Australia, the hills of Scotland to ranches back home. It's pretty amazing to see! 

New Stock

After the campaign, remaining stock sold out way sooner than I expected. Many who wanted an Alberta Watch were unable to get one. Luckily, our second production run is under way, and new stock will be available quite soon. 

Of course, a numbered run should only happen once, so we have an updated caseback design. Between floods, fires, and a low oil price, Albertans have been through a lot. Our province has a little-used, but official motto. Fortis et Liber means Strong and Free.

New straps

Another design decision has been a revision to the standard strap. I wanted to bring it a little closer in line with the well loved Saddlemakers. Full pictures on watches will be released shortly on, but for now a little sneak peek. I think it looks quite sharp.

A personal update

Soon after launching Alberta Watches, I was accepted into a Masters Program of Industrial Design halfway across the world: I have spent the last 10 months living in Helsinki, Finland! Naturally, I miss home dearly, especially my family, friends, and the mountains, but some opportunities just have to be pursued elsewhere.

Of course, this has also meant that I have been running Alberta Watches from abroad. This often means long phone conversations with my team (ahem, mom and dad), and I can't thank them enough for the work they've done and their patience.

One thing I can do from here in Helsinki is design a new watch. Finland and Scandinavia have a rich design history and it's hard not to be influenced. I've got quite a few ideas cooking, so stay tuned.

Thank you

Lastly and most importantly, I want to thank you all for your support of Alberta Watches. Seeing your pictures and hearing your stories is incredibly fulfilling. My goal was always to make a product that people enjoy, and achieving some success in that has been satisfying. I look forward to do more of the same: good products, well designed.

Thank you so much,


Production on track, New York Times article, and strap tools :)

Long time no see!! 

Yeah, it's been a while! Lots has been happening, and I'm really excited to fill you in. 


Production is humming along. We had a bit of a hiccup on the Saddlemaker straps in that the die we ordered to cut each strap was not working well the first go around. It wasn't very straight and the holes were too big. So, we switched companies, and the new die is fantastic. The straps are going to look great! Luckily Robert Nurse (the saddlemaker doing the leather work) is really good at what he does, and this shouldn't push production back. We are still looking to ship in late October or early November. 

New York Times article

Alberta Watches was featured in the New York Times!! That's something I never expected when starting this Kickstarter campaign, and I'm really humbled. It's a small mention alongside other startup brands, but pretty cool nonetheless! You can read the article here

Strap tools

It's been bothering me for a while that we are offering the Saddlmaker watches with both straps, but no way to change them. So, I am really happy to say that all Saddlemaker orders will be shipped with a strap changing tool. 

Thank you everyone for your continued interest, comments, and queries. I won't keep you waiting so long for the next update! 



Note: This is a re-post of an Alberta Watches Kickstarter Update from August 12th, 2015. 

Hey Backers!

It’s been a long time since an update! Things are moving along at a really quick pace, so there is a lot to fill you in on.

Entering Production

The order to the manufacturer was placed early last week, and we are in production, right on schedule!

Caseback Modification

Even after the first simplification of the rose, the caseback design was still too detailed to laser etch (I think one of you totally called it in the comments, hat's off). The laser was lingering too long on the metal and burning it. 

As soon as we figured out, I re-made a version of the rose to be more laser-friendly. It’s etching well, and I am happy to share the result (sorry for the poor image quality):

I actually quite like the new illustration. It has admittedly lost a bit of its hand-drawn vintage feel, but I think the gain in visual clarity (especially on such a small space) is worth it. I really hope you like it. 

Delivery date clarification

There has been a little confusion as to the shipping and delivery dates of the watches. I just want to be clear that while we hope to be shipping the watches in late October or early November, delivery itself may take a week or more depending on your location. I apologize for any confusion this may have caused.

As always, thank you SO MUCH for your continued support,



Note: This is a repost of an Alberta Watches Kickstarter Update from July 10th, 2015. 

Eeny Meeny Miny Moe...

It's almost decision time!

Before the Backer Surveys come out, I've uploaded the master photo. Yesterday was a long day of strap swapping and photo-taking! 

A note on the grey: 
Getting the new dial made and shipped in time for the Backer Surveys wasn't possible. So, I did the next best thing, and had the dials digitally printed and colour matched. The result is a dial that will match the real thing VERY closely. It means I can't show the hands though :(

Here's a link to the full res image:

The surveys will be ready very soon, but I thought I'd post this earlier to help your decision making! 



High Five Everyone!!!

Note: This is a repost from an Alberta Watches Kickstarter update from July 9, 2015. 

We did it!! 

More accurately, you did it!! This project became so much more than I could ever make it myself thanks to your help. Now, it's business time.  

I'm working feverishly here to get photos of every watch and strap combo, including grey, before the surveys come out. They should be done today, tomorrow evening at the latest. 

These updates are also where I'll continue to keep you guys informed of the production timeline, and how things are going on that front. 

I'll be in touch soon,