Production on track, New York Times article, and strap tools :)

Long time no see!! 

Yeah, it's been a while! Lots has been happening, and I'm really excited to fill you in. 


Production is humming along. We had a bit of a hiccup on the Saddlemaker straps in that the die we ordered to cut each strap was not working well the first go around. It wasn't very straight and the holes were too big. So, we switched companies, and the new die is fantastic. The straps are going to look great! Luckily Robert Nurse (the saddlemaker doing the leather work) is really good at what he does, and this shouldn't push production back. We are still looking to ship in late October or early November. 

New York Times article

Alberta Watches was featured in the New York Times!! That's something I never expected when starting this Kickstarter campaign, and I'm really humbled. It's a small mention alongside other startup brands, but pretty cool nonetheless! You can read the article here

Strap tools

It's been bothering me for a while that we are offering the Saddlmaker watches with both straps, but no way to change them. So, I am really happy to say that all Saddlemaker orders will be shipped with a strap changing tool. 

Thank you everyone for your continued interest, comments, and queries. I won't keep you waiting so long for the next update!